Monday, September 11, 2006

The top 50 most expensive adwords

New list of the top 50 most expensive Google adwords as of September 11, 2006. The most expensive one is as much as $69.16 CPC (costs per click!). I found it rather amazing that these keywords are much more expensive than, say... even keywords like private yachts, jets, luxury homes and so on!

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Here they are:

AdwordAverage CPC
school loan consolidation$69.16
college loan consolidation$68.35
car insurance quotes$66.88
school consolidation$66.29
auto insurance quotes$65.90
college consolidation$64.04
student loan consolidation rates$60.14
sell structured settlement$59.82
sell annuity$58.92
federal student loan consolidation$58.58
auto quotes$58.09
auto insurance quote$57.99
student consolidation$56.96
student loan consolidation$56.91
student loan consolidation interest rate$56.52
consolidate student loan$54.61
san diego dui attorney$54.56
car insurance$53.16
structured settlement$52.96
consolidate school loans$52.88
student loan refinance$52.44
consolidation of student loans$52.43
consolidation loan rate$52.04
citibank student loan consolidation$51.85
car insurance quote$51.80
consolidate student loans$51.23
private student loan consolidation$51.05
lasik new york$49.86
student loans consolidation$49.82
private loan consolidation$48.95
insurance quotes$48.78
teleconference services$48.72
the art institute of seattle$48.68
federal loan consolidation$48.61
plus loan consolidation$47.74
student loan consolidation programs$47.58
bad credit equity loan$47.46
houston criminal attorney$47.44
student loan consolidation calculator$47.19
cash settlement$47.12
consolidating student loans$47.09
orlando culinary institute$46.84
student loan consolidation program$46.77
orlando culinary institute$46.69
consolidation loan$46.54
loan consolidation$46.54
orlando culinary institute$46.51
auto quote$45.77
sallie mae student loan consolidation$45.69

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