Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Apple filings reveal future iPod, iPhone designs

A recent series of design filings made by Apple reveal possible future iPod interfaces. One shows what appears to be a Nano with a cell phone key pad. Is iPhone at least a consideration at Apple? It must be.

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The designs

Two of the most eye-catching designs are based on Apple's current iPod nano enclosure:

In one of the design sketches, the Click-Wheel has been replaced by a keypad layout that strongly resembles a traditional mobile handset (or cell phone). Just below the nano's screen is a circular navigation pad, flanked by two input buttons (traditionally these are the "connect" and "disconnect" buttons on a cell phone). Below these controls is a keypad layout consisting of what appears to be 12 numeric keys, which also coincides with the keypad layout of traditional cell phones.

Potential iPod Designs

The second iPod nano design includes only a display and a what appears to be a 4-way directional pad like those found on the game controllers that shipped with original Nintendo Entertainment Systems back in 1985.

Apple's filings also include four additional designs based on the iPod nano, each of which includes a navigational interface unlike anything shipping on an iPod today. One appears to sport a square Apple TrackPad while another employs an elongated scroll strip with a rounded top and base. The third and fourth designs include some unknown form of elliptical controller.

Potential iPod Designs

Meanwhile, two other designs -- one for an iPod nano and one for a fifth-generation iPod -- are also shown with scroll strip rather than a Click-Wheel. However, in these versions, Apple depicts a rectangular strip without the rounded top and base.

Potential iPod Designs

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